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Check These Specific Details When Buying Used Boxing Gear from a Pawn Shop

Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Check These Specific Details When Buying Used Boxing Gear from a Pawn Shop

If you’re interested in learning to box, one of your first steps will be to buy the right gear. While you can often borrow boxing equipment from your local gym, sharing these sweaty items with others isn’t exactly pleasing. If you’re concerned about the cost of buying your own equipment, consider doing so at a pawn shop. Many pawn shops have a sizable selection of used sporting gear, and you’ll often find that boxing equipment is in nearly new condition—perhaps because the previous owner found that the sport wasn’t for him or her. As you peruse the items, here are some specific details to check out. Integrity of the Padding in the Gloves Don’t worry too much about the look of the boxing gloves you see for sale at the pawn shop. Even if their exterior appears worn, the gloves may be fine. You can confirm this detail by gently squeezing the exterior in several spots. You should feel resistance from the padding; this suggests that the padding still has its integrity. You can also slip your hands into the gloves to feel the inner liner and make sure that it doesn’t have any holes. If the gloves pass these tests, they’re likely a good purchase for you. Proper Buckle on the Headgear Boxing gyms will typically require you to get headgear if you wish to learn some light technical sparring, so check whether such items are available at the pawn shop. You’ll also want to ensure that the padding has its integrity, but don’t overlook the importance of checking the buckle and chinstrap. You won’t be allowed in the ring unless your headgear is properly cinched up with its strap and buckle, so these elements need to be present and functional. Slip the headgear on and tighten the strap under your chin to make sure everything works. Smooth Bearings on Your Jump Rope Boxing isn’t just about wearing gloves and headgear; you’ll also need to get properly acquainted with a jump rope, given this simple tool’s ability to tone your body and improve your footwork. Look for a high-quality used jump rope at the pawn shop. It should have bearings in the handles. Rotate the handle in each direction and note how it works. The rotation should be smooth and quiet; this is indicative of bearings that are in proper working order. If the bearings are rough or noisy, look for another rope to test. Talk to a company such as Maine Pawn Shop for more...

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3 Guitar Styles Every Musician Should Have

Posted by on Jul 31, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Guitar Styles Every Musician Should Have

When you’re learning to play the guitar, you might think you’re limited to electric or 6-string acoustic models. That’s not the case at all, and there are several other kinds of guitars you can try. Here are some of the alternative favorites.  Steel-String Acoustic Guitars Steel-string acoustic guitars are different than nylon-string guitars, because they have a louder and brighter sound. That means they’re on the sharp side, so you’ll have to tune them down more than a nylon-string guitar. Folk, jazz, and rock guitars, when acoustic, all use steel strings to make their sounds stand out. Keep in mind that steel strings are much harder than nylon, so your fingers will take longer to adjust. Calluses will form quickly.  12-String Acoustic or Electric Guitars If you want to learn to play with a full sound that 6-string guitars simply can’t produce, a 12-string model may be for you. These guitars often have steel strings, but nylon strings may also be used. The biggest difference for the neck is that the headstock is extended to make room for the extra six courses, which allow you to tune the guitar. The string run together two-by-two, allowing you to pluck or strum them together. The fretting scale is typically shorter on a heavier neck, and the body of the guitar is built with reinforcement to handle the extra weight of the neck and tension of the strings. You can purchase a 12-string guitar as an acoustic or electric model, or opt for an acoustic-electric model that combines the two. Half-Sized Guitars If you’re a little short, are female, or want to carry your guitar easier, why not try a 1/2-size guitar? These guitars are the same as their larger counterparts, but they have skinnier necks and smaller bodies. The compact bodies produce an even tone, and because the strings are easier to reach, those with smaller hands or arm lengths can reach chords and notes faster for quick songs. Most 1/2-size guitars have the full tonal range of larger guitars, so that shouldn’t be a problem.  These are a few different options for those who are wanting to purchase new guitars for their collections or to learn a new instrument. Each guitar has its own style, size, shape, and tone, so make sure to try the one you like out at a store or test it in person before you decide to buy. Contact a business, such as Wilmington Jewelry & Loan, for more information....

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The Proper Stain Technique For Updating Your Child’s Play Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by on Jan 28, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Proper Stain Technique For Updating Your Child’s Play Kitchen Cabinets

If your child has outdated honey oak play kitchen cabinets that have clearly seen better days, then you will be pleased to learn that you can re-stain them and make them look brand new again. Re-staining the play kitchen cabinets is also a great way to change their color to better fit with today’s more modern design styles. Follow these steps to re-stain your play cabinets like a professional painter in Santa’s Workshop: Wash the Cabinetry with Trisodium Phosphate To remove grease and dust from the cabinets and doors, mix some trisodium phosphate cleaner in a container with water according to the directions on the label. Using a clean cotton rag, wipe down the cabinetry with the cleaner. After you wash the cabinets and doors with the cleaner, then rub them down well with a damp cloth that has been dipped into warm water. Apply a Paint Stripper to the Cabinetry Using a paintbrush, apply a paint stripping product to the cabinets and doors. Allow it to cure following the directions on the bottle’s label. Scrape off the cured paint stripper using a small putty knife. Take care not to gouge the wood of the cabinets with the metal of the putty knife. Sand the Cabinetry Before you apply a new layer of stain to your child’s play kitchen cabinets, first you need to sand the wood to get down into the fresh wood. The fresh wood has open pores that will accept the stain. For the best results, first sand every surface of the cabinetry using a medium-grit sandpaper. Follow this up by sanding well with a fine-grit sandpaper. Once all of the surfaces are smooth and showing fresh wood, then you should wipe them down well with a tacky cloth to remove any sawdust. Apply New Stain to the Cabinets You should only use oil-based stains on oak cabinets and will need to apply a liberal amount of stain because the wood will absorb a lot of it because it is old and dry. Apply the stain using a paintbrush and then wipe it down inside of the grain using a clean cotton rag. Always rub the stain with the grain so that it does not show the markings from your rubbing when it dries. Seal the Stain with Polyurethane   Once the stain has dried on the cabinetry, then you need to apply a final coat of polyurethane to seal in the stain and protect the doors from future damage. Paint on the polyurethane using a paintbrush and let everything completely dry before you reassemble your child’s wooden play...

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Whimsical Ideas For Your Baby’s First Costume

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Whimsical Ideas For Your Baby’s First Costume

When you are dressing infants up in costumes for parties or special events, a cute costume should not compromise comfort and convenience. That is, parents need to find costume ideas that are comfortable for new babies while being easy for parents to get on and off the child. There are some really clever and whimsical costume ideas that you can put together to make your infant the hit of the party. Some cute, and comfy costume ideas for your baby include: Garden gnome. What is more whimsical than a garden gnome? These costumes never go out of style, and you could create a gnome family by getting a group in on the fun. Dress your baby in a bold colored onesie, long sleeve, and create a red domed hat out of felt; you may choose to make a fuzzy white beard for baby out of crafting fur. Gum fun. A really simple idea is to create a gumball machine costume for your infant using multicolored pom-poms, hot-glued to a baby beanie or cap. Stitch or glue a sign to the front of a red or black onesie indicating how much the gumballs are, such as “25 cents.” This is an inexpensive idea that can be completed in a flash. A little mushroom. Create a little mushroom costume by dressing your infant in a white gown or onesie, and creating mushroom cap to be worn on their head. You can make a plush cap from fabric and polyester filling, or use inexpensive foam glued to a beanie. Paint red with white polka-dots to replicate the look of a whimsical forest mushroom. Popcorn for two. If you don’t want to take your tiny one out of their pack or baby sling, decorate the pack to resemble a box of popcorn. Use red duct tape to create the red and white nostalgic stripes and use a permanent marker to write “Hot Popcorn” on the front of your “box.” Hot-glue a few kernels of popped corn to a baby beanie and they become a box of fresh, hot popcorn! Try these costume ideas when you are looking for fun and comfortable ensembles for your infant. These are easy to put together, and you may find some components at infant stores and costume sites. Be sure to always supervise your baby when they are dressed in a costume, to prevent any hazards that materials could...

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4 DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Out Of Repurposed Gift Packaging

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Out Of Repurposed Gift Packaging

While Christmas is arguably the time of year most filled with joy, merriment, and goodwill toward all, it’s also the time of year when homes generate the most trash, exhibiting a 25% increase in trash production between Thanksgiving and New Year’s according to the EPA. If you want to cut down on your home’s carbon footprint during this especially wasteful time of year, then repurposing gift wrap and packaging into festive Christmas tree ornaments is for you. Here are four examples to get you started.  Twine Balls One of the easiest ways to make a Christmas ornament out of potential waste is by using wrapping twine and some papier-mâché paste to make a geometric ball. To do this, prepare the papier-mâché paste according to the directions on the package, and inflate a small balloon to the desired size of your ornament. Then, dip the twine in the paste and wrap the balloon in the wet twine. Allow it to dry, then pop and remove the balloon to make a wild design that will honor any tree.  Wrapping Paper Papier-mâché Orbs Another way to use your papier-mâché skills is by creating an orb ornament around an existing plastic or glass ornament using papier-mâché with old wrapping paper instead of twine. Creating a collage out of different kinds of wrapping paper can create a unique, mixed-media effect. However, be careful to only try this with wrapping paper that’s actually made from newspaper or another absorbent material, not shiny or overly glossy gift wrap that won’t absorb the papier-mâché paste.  Bow Balls If you’ve still got some old ornaments lying around after you’ve finished making wrapping paper orbs, sticking some leftover adhesive gift bows on a globe ornament can produce a festive disco ball effect that’s sure to dazzle. If the adhesive has come off of the bows, using some epoxy will get the job done to make sure those bows stay on for good.  Cardboard Stars Last but not least, what would a Christmas trash pile be without some cardboard boxes? These are perhaps easiest of all to transform into a sustainable ornament, since you can simply glue the pieces together at angles to create a cool star effect. This project is perfect for those with young kids who can add paint and glitter to their ornaments to make something that’s not only uniquely theirs, but can be put on the tree for years as a family...

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Just Starting To Buy Gold Coins? Here Are Four Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by on Nov 24, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Just Starting To Buy Gold Coins? Here Are Four Mistakes To Avoid

Gold can be a valuable investment, and you may have finally decided to start buying coins in order to build a collection. However, when you are just starting out, it is easy to make mistakes that can cause you to lose money. Here are some mistakes to stay away from when you start buying gold coins. Not Knowing the Spot Price The spot price is the amount of money that one ounce of gold is selling for on commodities markets. That can give you a baseline so you know what kind of range you can expect when you are ready to go out and buy coins. Once you know the spot price of gold, don’t assume you will be paying that much when you walk into a coin shop or shop online with a dealer. Many sellers mark up their coins to allow for their own profit. Before you buy a particular coin, make sure that you consult different shops in the area to be sure that you are getting a fair price. Focusing on Rare Coins You might be thinking that you’ll make the most money if you focus on the rarest of coins. However, some coins might look like rare coins but in fact may not be; they can have grade differences and other properties that make them of less value than highly coveted coins. That can cause you to lose money. Therefore, if you think you’ve found a rare coin, be sure to research coin guides and talk with a reputable dealer before making an offer. Cleaning the Coins You Buy You might think that the coins you buy need to be cleaned up a little bit, but by doing so, you could be lowering the price of those coins when you sell them. Many cleaning products might strip away the surface metal of your gold coins, which could cause them to drop in value. Selling Your Coins Too Quickly The spot price of gold does change over time, but you are unlikely to see drastic appreciation until you have had your coins for a while. Avoid the mistake of buying and selling often to take advantage of fluctuations in gold prices. Instead, hang on to your coins for a few years to make sure your investment can grow. After reading this article, you should be more aware of pitfalls to avoid when you start to buy gold coins. Be sure to research online coin dealers who can offer you quality pieces at reasonable prices so you can build a solid collection. Speak with a local coin dealer or click here for more...

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First Time Selling To A Pawn Shop? Five Insider Secrets To Selling

Posted by on Nov 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on First Time Selling To A Pawn Shop? Five Insider Secrets To Selling

If you have an item that you want to get a little cash for, one of the easiest ways to get the cash you need quickly is by selling the item to a pawnshop. However, you should not walk into your local pawnshop and declare that you want to be paid fifty dollars for your guitar. Selling an item to a pawnshop requires some negotiating and bargaining skills. Here are five insider secrets to selling an item to a pawnshop and maximizing your return at the same time. Keep Any Information About Where You Got The Item To Yourself Many people have a tendency to over share when they try to sell an item to a pawn shop. They do not need to know that your grandpa gave you this guitar, or that you picked it up at a garage sale last weekend for a couple of bucks and are just trying to make a little extra money on it. When you provide them with information about where you got the items, you are providing them with information that they will use to negotiate the price down the road if they decide they want to purchase the item. If they know that you paid next to nothing for the item at a garage sale, they may try to low-ball you on the price. If they know the item has a high sentimental value to you, they will plan for a longer negotiation period. Don’t Share How Much You Paid For It, Either Next, you are not obligated to share how much you paid for the item either. What you paid for the item is not necessarily what it is worth. However, once you let them know how much you paid for the item, you lose another bargaining chip. They may try to low-ball you so that you just get back the money you put into purchasing the items. Or they may decide that you paid too much for the items, and decline to purchase it because they know you will not accept their offers. They don’t need to know what you invested into the item in order to determine if they want to invest it in the item as well. Know How Much Your Item Is Worth, But Keep That Information To Yourself You should know how much your items is worth and how much you could get if you sold it on your own to an interested buyer. You should do this research before you walk into the pawnshop. Chances are, the pawnshop will be able to sell it for around what it is worth, and will try to get the items for about half of what it is worth so they can make a return on the investment. Knowing how much your item is worth will help you when you get to the negotiation stage. Allow The Pawn Shop To Make The First Offer Do not make the first offer. By making the first offer, you are giving away how much you hope to get for the item. Wait for the pawn shop to make the first offer; then use that offer combined with what you know about the value of your items and your investment in it, to drive the negotiations. When the pawn shop opens...

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Displaying Your Military Awards Prominently

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Whether you’re out of the military and want a creative memory or in the military and looking for something for peace-time office decoration, the options on base may not be as creative as you want. Shadow boxes are the usual option, but there’s many more ways to display your medals, plaques, certificates, and coins. As you look for a better way to display valor, consider a few options that could spark your creativity. Miniature Statue Display Wooden, stone, or metal statues can add a solemn, yet detailed way to display your medals. These heavy creations can be designed in the form of a standardized military service member or even sculpted to resemble you, but the statue isn’t the end of the detail. The pose of the statue can be used to display your medal. Hanging a medal around the neck is a good first start, but the hands can be posed to hold different plaques, extend a palm for coins or even carry a shadowbox. Sailors and Marines in the 7th fleet may have seen Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJDs) in Japan or Korea, which can offer a very unique set of poses and customization. Although BJDs are often marketed for a pretty appeal, the facial designs can be carved and painted to your custom figure..  These dolls can be outfitted with miniature uniforms, which can be used to display miniature ribbons, medals and other objects to create a small form of your military status. Military plaques can be placed under the movable hands of the doll and held up like a sign, or carried over the shoulder as an expression of strength and dedication to duty. Customized Awards For Individual Commands If you’ve only been stationed on major bases or away from administrative commands, know that military awards are not always standardized. There may be a specific plaque size for well-known awards, but symbols of appreciation or area-specific awards are often up to your local chain of command’s discretion.  When you’re allowed to be unique in the military, jump on that opportunity aggressively. Create a plaque with deep etchings of detail in the wood or stone, then set pins and a metal plaque on top instead of simply putting glue on a piece of wood and plastic. Chisel the design for the award into marble, or laser-etch brass into words and symbols of your command that can last throughout the ages. You may not be able to get this kind of work done by a standard woodworking or award design shop. Contact a military plaque professional to discuss amazing ways to commemorate military...

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Investing In Corporate Awards To Encourage More Sales

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Are you looking for a way to encourage your employees to make more sales? You may want to consider giving out corporate awards to the highest seller on a monthly basis, and you can add extras with the award to make it more exciting. Find out in this article about the best corporate sales award options to consider, as well as what you can add to make your employees even more excited. What are Good Corporate Awards to Give Employees? The main thing to consider when investing in corporate awards is how useful they will be to your employees. If the awards are beautiful, your employees will be more excited to get them because they can be displayed on the wall as art. If you opt for paper certificates, make sure that you invest in frames to put them in. Giving out just plain paper certificates may not be enough to motivate your employees to work harder on getting sales each month, especially if the certificates are just computer printouts. Plaques are great for giving out as a corporate sales award. You can get plaques constructed in various different types of material, such as metal or wood. An impressive plaque would be one that is constructed of wood that has a metal plate on it. You can opt for precious metals like gold or silver if it is within the budget of your company. Plaques made out of cherry or walnut wood are also good options. Your employees may also like corporate awards that they can actually use, such as clocks or desk wedges. You can get clocks that are made out of glass, crystal, wood or metal that display the name of the employee with the most sales. A desk wedge can also display names, while also acting as a gadget for holding items like business cards. What Else Can Be Given with a Corporate Award? A great gift to give out with a corporate sales award is a personalized champagne bottle. Personalizing the champagne bottles will make them impressive, even if the sales winner does not drink champagne. He or she will be able to display the bottle just like any other award. You can also opt for personalized champagne glasses to go along with the drink. Simply giving out the personalized glasses can be impressive as well. Get in touch with a corporate sales award supplier to find out what you can get to start encouraging your...

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A Few Things To Know Before Ordering A Monogrammed Necklace For Your Girlfriend

Posted by on Sep 8, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on A Few Things To Know Before Ordering A Monogrammed Necklace For Your Girlfriend

Monogrammed jewelry can be a great gift for a girlfriend. However, you can’t just go to the store and make order the first type you see. There are a few things you should know to ask about before deciding what your girl would like. Here are some of the options you will need to consider. Attachment Points A monogram jewelry piece or necklace is not usually a pendant that can be slipped on and off a chain; it is attached to the chain at either one or two points. If you want it to look as if it were dangling from the chain like any other pendant, you should choose one attachment point at the center top of the initials. However, having two attachment points, one on the top of each side initial, makes the necklace appear to be one whole unit. Pendant Size When it comes to pendant size, you need to think of what your girlfriend will wear when she has on the necklace. If it is something you hope she wears all the time, go with the average size of a one-inch diameter. If you want it to be something she wears for special occasions, go with a bigger pendant so it stands out and attracts attention. Conversely, if you want it to be cute and discreet, something a bit smaller. Initial Placement If you are using her initials, the initial for her last name should be in the middle with her first initial on the left and her middle initial on the right. If you are hoping to have the necklace symbolize your relationship, her initial goes on the left, with a heart or ampersand in the middle and then your initial on the right. If you are married you can put the initial for your last name in the middle instead. Chain Length To determine chain length you need to consider how big your girlfriend’s neck is and what type of tops she usually wears. It is not common to have a monogram necklace fit like a choker; you want it to hang down a bit. If she wears a t-shirt neckline, the pendant should sit just over the top of the neckline. If she wears lower-cut or button-up tops, have the chain long enough for the pendant to sit wear the 2nd button would be. This way, the pendant is visible but does not draw attention to an area she would rather not have people staring at. Monogrammed jewelry is a personal gift. It is something that fits in with the personality of the receiver. Choose a metal, such as gold or silver, and a font, such as script or block, that you feel shows off a bit of her personality and you can’t go...

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